Winter Tembo Dai

Follow the series of stepping-stones that lead to the resting area to savor this special view. The structure is unpainted wood. Like the other tembo dai’s this area creates a wonderful frame to enjoy a “lens upon the world.” This viewing shelter was constructed in 1985. It is the highest point in the Garden and provides a fantastic view of the Moon Bridge and lake. Close by, don’t forget to notice the quaint lantern with the dragon mounted on top. Children often find this to be their favorite among the over 20 lanterns in the Garden.

The shady, quiet area of the lower loop is serene location to pause and contemplate the vast Woodward Lake. It is also a place to observe the design concept of the borrowed view. Shinzen utilizes the main lake in Woodward Park to extend the viewer’s perception of space in the Garden, so it may seem larger than the 5 acres.

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