Visual Cues

Here in the entrance to the Shinzen there are several visual elements that give the entrance a grand feeling including the decorative pathway’s mill stone, tall wooden gate, kasuga lantern, and several notable species of trees indicate that we are entering someplace important.


The mill stone, is a decorative symbol that indicates Fresno’s agricultural identity. It was constructed by Kodo Matsubara. The front gate, (mon) is one of the main architectural features of Shinzen. It is both functional as a protective barrier, and a striking visual image that commands attention. It was constructed of wood and appears as if it is put together without nails. It is left unpainted to highlight the natural quality and character of the wood. The gate was a gift from Fresno’s sister city delegation in Kochi, Japan.


As you gaze at the impressive stature of the gate, you’ll notice the Thomson Grape Leaf emblem in the center. This is an important detail that symbolizes the Garden’s geographic location in the Central Valley, where the grape industry thrives.


The Kasuga lantern is a sculptural element used to draw attention to the entrance of the Garden. Observe throughout your tour the different styles of lanterns and their placements, drawing attention to a significant site or marking a new area of interest.

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