Toro (Lantern) Nagashi (Cruise or Float) is an ancient Buddhist ceremony dating back to the 7th. It is believed that during the Obon season, the souls of ancestors return home to reunite with their families to participate in Festival activities. At the end of Obon, candle-lit lanterns are released into bodies of water to guide the ancestors’ souls back to the afterlife.

Come and observe our inspirational Toro Nagashi ceremony held at the lake in Woodward Park, just south of Shinzen Garden. Each loved one’s name will be called and you will place your lantern into the water (or a docent can do this for you). Watching the glowing lanterns float away provides a time of reflection in a beautiful setting, as you bid farewell once again.

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After this date, you may purchase your lantern at the event for $30 (plan to arrive early).

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Photo Credit: Susana Figueroa

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