Sculpting Living Matter

As you make your way towards the moon bridge, pause to observe the elegant shape and structure of the Japanese Black pine, a specimen tree that is iconic to Japanese Gardens. This particular tree that juts out over the lake is called a focal point tree, just calling to be admired. This is one of the many aesthetically pruned trees at Shinzen that is cared for by volunteer pruners.


Aesthetic Pruning is a type of landscape maintenance done from a design perspective. Aesthetic pruners literally sculpt trees and create living sculptures. Unlike clay, they work on living plants. The art of bonsai, which will further explored in the Clark Bonsai Collection of Shinzen, is a way of seeing the importance of aesthetic pruning to create a living sculpture.


Now move to the Scotts Pine on the water’s edge. Look at the shape of the tree, which invites the viewer into the pond with the shape of its trunk. This is a shape that is often replicated in bonsai.


This area also has a striking lantern that reaches out over the pond providing visual interest to the area. This area was dedicated as the Ronquillo Meditation Vista.

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