Double Moon Bridge

Gaze out over the water at the apex of the moon bridge. Observe the half-moon shape, and imagine it creating a full circle under a full moon. This bridge is also known as a drum bridge. The bridge and the pond below form a barrier to keep the koi within the Japanese garden. There is a screen underneath the bridge. Filters stream the water into the pond and two double pumps circulate the water between the waterfall and steam.


Marc Peter Keane writes in Japanese Garden Design writes that historically, particularly in the Heian period bridges had a spiritual meaning in the Buddhist faith. Frequently, stroll gardens had a central island that referred to the “Pure Land of Amida Buddha. Crossing over to the island represented the possibility for rebirth.


Koi, also known as carp, are specimen fish. They are prized for their markings and symbolize luck and longevity. Many have been rumored to live over 70 years.

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