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Deep within our Central Valley, there is a place where life-long memories are created through unforgettable events and where nature reveals itself in the exquisite art-form of bonsai.

This and more against the backdrop of a beautiful Japanese style garden.

We invite you to take a walk and discover the

Magic of the Garden.

Through your generous support we can continue to enhance our efforts in providing a sanctuary where Life unfolds on your terms.


Your donation supports:

  • The continuing curation of our 5-acre Japanese style garden
  • Maintenance of our authentic Japanese tea house
  • Continued beautification and upgrading the garden for special events
  • Further devlopment of cultural and educational community events and programs
  • The continuation of the Clark Center legacy dedicated to promoting and preserving the Japanese art of bonsai
  • The Visiting Bonsai Master program for aesthetic enhancement of the Collection and advanced bonsai education
  • Maintaining 140 world class bonsai displayed in quartlerly thematic exhibitions in a beautiful, tranquil stroll garden